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The Inn known as ‘‘The Hare and Hounds’’ was built during the reign of Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603) in the year 1590. When first it was built it was a single farm dwelling, forming part of a considerable estate. The first recorded occupant was one Gabriel Hywett (later Hewett), who is described as a farmer and dairyman of the parish of Peasmarsh. The house was then thatched with an upper jettied storey. There were several small outbuildings and a stable block. By 1695, the house had fallen into a state of dilapidation, and extensive works were carried out. The thatch, wattle and daub was removed and replaced with tiles and bricks, and in part Kentish weatherboard. The upper jettied storey was also removed at this date. In 1702 the house with adjoining land, was purchased by Barnabus Fawkener, who is recorded as a brewer and beer retailer of the parish of Peasmarsh. In 1703 a license to sell ales and ciders was granted to Barnabus Fawkener on condition that he remained closed on the Sabbath. The house was a registered ‘‘Ale House’’. In 1787, one Joseph Swabbers who is recorded as a beer retailer and grocer purchased the house. In the same year works were carried out to form an addition to the original building to be used as a grocers shop. At this date the house was given the title of ‘’Hare and Hounds’’. In June 1871, Robert Barnes, a carpenter of Peasmarsh, sold the ‘’Hare and Hounds’’ together with the adjoining grocer’s shop and nearly three acres of land, on which he had built three cottages and where a fourth was already built. Robert Barnes sold the “Hare and Hounds” to Morgan Coleman, keeper of the ‘’Globe Inn’’ at Hastings, for one thousand pounds. Upon Morgan Coleman’s death, his widow, Lucy Jane, subsequently married Thomas Field, innkeeper of Rye, and in May 1877, they sold the property to George Hilder and James Alfred Body, Brewers of Brighton for nine hundred and fifteen pounds. In December 1878, George Hilder sold his share of the ‘’Hare and Hounds’’ to James Alfred Body. In September 1882 Body sold out to Frank Hodges and James Ametius Ritche also of Rye. In May 1895, one John Bowen, brewer of Rye, purchased the property and subsequently paid off the mortgages. In September 1900, representatives of John Bowen sold the property to Brewers, Alfred Leney & Co. Ltd., for seventeen hundred pounds, whom in 1924 sold the property to the Star Brewery. In 1938, the ‘’Hare and Hounds’’ was granted a full spirit license. The ‘’Hare and Hounds’’ has seen and undergone many changes since first it was built but still retains the same character that it has done for centuries. So stay, enjoy the Faeroe and reflect upon those bygone days. May 2014 The Hare & Hounds stopped trading as a pub. As of  September 2014 The Hare & Hounds is under new ownership. Harriet & Ben Kemsley are converting the pub in to a house, the Bed & Breakfasts have been renovated and the new camping facilities opened on the end of May 2015.